Australia Practice

APM & Co.’s Australia practice offers Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific a truly unique,
"more than just an excellent law firm" approach to the growing interests of Australian Business and Investment community.

With the introduction of IDEAS BOOM by the Australian government, the establishment of an Australian Incubator in Israel, and the recent investments in Israeli High Tech, APM & Co. is ,your Israeli hub for professional advice in Investment Taxation, High Tech participation, Labor, Real Estate and much more.

APM & Co.’s Australia practice, based in Sydney is ,here to deliver our commitment to be close to you offering immediate presence, and helping you with your first steps into the Start-Up Nation and vice versa. Whether your interest is in Israeli High-Tech Advanced Agriculture techniques, Cyber Security or Medical Cannabis, APM & Co. is your first go to company when establishing your Israeli operation. We also support our Israeli customers planning to branch out in Australia with local presence, support in setting up their operation and connection to local firms and services.

Furthermore, as the leading law firm in high tech incubator establishment, APM& Co. has intimate knowledge of developing technologies and unique investment opportunities in Israeli High-Tech dynamic industry.

Our capabilities offer distinct value to entrepreneurs ,and start-ups seeking counsel on formation founders’ agreements and fundraising. We are also extremely well-versed when it comes to structuring business models and dealing with the Israeli Chief Scientist’s Office. The practical experience that APM has accrued over the years from within the hi-tech ecosystem, in all varieties of hi-tech and venture capital investments, has helped produce an extensive network of local and international contacts, regularly leveraged for the benefit of our clients. Our HiTech and Venture Capital Department is of great significance to APM operations, offering services and assistance to all manner of investment bodies ,including funds, private equity, investment banks incubators and accelerators. These are only a few of the fields in which we specialize. Furthermore, the majority of our legal staff have a multidisciplinary approach to the law, possessing a broad-based approach to knowledge, and the ability to crossreference where necessary.

The firm works closely with investors and was involved with the listing of Israeli companies in the ASX.