China Practice

APM & Co’s China practice is based on the booming needs of high-tech opportunities between China and Israel and the growing investments and commercial collaboration in other fields, including construction, financial services and consumer goods.

With a profound track record and skills in private and public investments, negotiations and execution of complex local and cross border deals, our team offers Israeli high-tech companies who wish to enter the China market all commercial related services, including investment banking and business development in and with China. As one of the leading commercial law firms in Israel, we also offer extensive legal services for Chinese clients who want to enter business in Israel.

We serve a range of Israeli technology companies, funds and incubators including Chinese investors who are interested in Israeli technology companies, companies and project owners in China looking to integrate Israeli technology into their business and Chinese companies looking to expand their business abroad.

Our network in China varies from venture capital and private equity funds, strategic/industrial investors, traditional institutional investment entities such as insurance companies, banks and pension funds, private high net worth individuals, and high level connections with local governments at decision making levels.

APM & Co’s activities in China are led by Adv. Omri Hephner, Founder & Managing Director of Hayetsira Partners Ltd & Spheres Investments Ltd. Over the past 10 years Adv. Hephner has been involved in international investments and business development in Asia, North America and Europe, focusing on China – Israel investments since 2007. Adv. Hephner has been living in Shanghai since 2011. With the extensive experience in China and a network of local partners and associates he can assist companies in one hand and Chinese investors and organizations on the other hand to reach their business goals. Adv. Hephner has been effectively closing the gaps of differences in both business and cultural practice between China and Israel.