Regulation and Compliance

As pioneers in the field of regulation and one of the first law firms in Israel to establish a Regulation and Compliance department, APM & Co. has rich practical experience and wide knowledge of regulatory activities in Israel.

Specializing in legal proceedings before Knesset committees, government offices and various regulatory entities, our regulation practice has vast experience in advising and representing clients in front of all state authorities. 

Some of the legal and regulatory activities we have been involved in have had national significance and have greatly influenced Israeli society and economy. Amongst others, APM & Co. has initiated various adjustments and changes to laws and has drafted new legislation to update the Israeli legal framework to meet political, economic and social developments. These changes were attained in a wide range of fields, including: corporate law and securities, competition and antitrust, tenders, energy and infrastructure, consumer law, communication and tourism.

We have also acquired experience in the dynamic and rapidly developing area of environmental regulations. In over 20 years representing leading organizations in this field, we have played an active role in the drafting of the country’s environmental regulations, with an emphasis on legislation affecting industry, infrastructure and energy.

It is this experience that has given our attorneys an intimate knowledge of the Israeli regulatory system, allowing us to represent our clients from a more complete and knowledgeable perspective. Our team also plays an active role in influencing the statutory prerequisites relating to environmental regulation in Israel.

Among our clients in this field are leading companies, individuals and trade unions, such as telecommunications entities, the Israeli Manufacturers Association, the Israeli Institute for Energy and Environment, the Association of Public Companies, the Coordinating Office of Economic Organizations, the Association of Gas Industries, the Israel Bar Association, the Oil Institute and other leading commercial authorities.

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Behind the scenes of the deal that shook the Israeli communications market

January 23th, 2019

A week after the merger between "Reshet" and Channel "10", Adv. Eldad Koresh, the managing partner of our firm, reveals behind the scenes of the deal that shook the Israeli communications market. Click here for the full article from "Globes"....Read More 

The Antitrust Authority Impairs Competition

March 9th, 2015

Following the 16th amendment of the Israeli Antitrust Act which abolished the exemption for exclusive engagement between suppliers and distributors, Adv. Eldad Koresh, our firm's Managing Partner and Head of the Commercial Department, and Adv. Ravit Dinmez, an associate in our Commercial Department, published an article in "The Marke...Read More 

Adv. Eldad Koresh Filed a Complaint to The Israeli Antitrust Authority in the Name of the Farmers' Federation of Israel

February 5th, 2015

Adv. Eldad Koresh, our firm's Managing Partner and Head of the Commercial Department, filed a complaint with The Israeli Antitrust Authority in the name of the Farmers' Federation of Israel against the business alleged collaboration between "Yeinot Bitan", "Rami Levy" and "Shuk Ha' Ir" regarding the purchase of fruits and vegetables ...Read More 
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May 21th, 2015

...Read More 

The Human Environment of Corporations

May 18th, 2015

Adv. Amir Fish, an Associate in our Environment and Regulation Department, published an article in the March-April edition of the " Israel's Water Engineering" magazine. In the article, Adv. Fish refers to the Supreme Court's precedent verdict which concludes that it is possible to determine that a corporation is guilty and yet wil...Read More 

How to Avoid a NIS 75,000 fine Over a Prohibited Use of Fire

May 5th, 2015

In an article published in "Mamon" magazine Adv. Amir Fish, of our Environmental Department, refers to the new prohibitions the Firefighting Authority's regulations submitted. According to Adv. Fish, those who do not act according to the new regulations are likely to receive a prison sentence of up to six months and a fine that ...Read More 
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The Face of Competition in the Israeli Industry in light of Social Protest

Competition has become a focal point of public debate in the past year. The implications of the social protests in Israel, followed by active regulatory measures taken by the state in order to drastically change Israeli competition and antitrust laws, require adjustments to be made throughout the entire industry.The symposium will pr...Read More 

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Wind Energy Regulation in Israel and Romania

December 31th, 2013

A presentation by Adv. Liron Pesti, an associate in our Energy and Infrastructure department. For the full presentation click here (Hebrew presentation)....Read More 

Regulatory Intervention in Determining the Price

November 7th, 2013

A presentation by Adv. Eldad Koresh, managing partner and head of the Antitrust practice at our firm, which was presented at an antitrust seminar hosted by the Israeli Manufacteurs Association and APM & Co. For the full presentation click here (Hebrew presentation)....Read More 

Regulative Alleviation for Small Corporations

June 1st, 2013

A presentation by Adv. Amichay Finkelstein, partner and head of our firm's Capital Markets practice, which was presented at a conference held by the Public Companies Association. For the full presentation click here (Hebrew presentation)....Read More