Singapore Practice

APM & Co’s Singapore practice offers services that address the unique needs of Israeli businesses and entrepreneurs that wish to enter the Singapore business arena as well as Singapore players who seek to expand their business in Israel. Singapore and Israel have a solid and trustworthy relationship in the field of defense, and are now excited to extend the collaboration to additional fields, including those of innovation and technology.

Our team of experts offers our clients ongoing counsel in all aspects of their commercial and business activities relating to Singapore.

Southeast Asia is the World's fastest growing market. We are here to help our clients during their first entry steps, bridging the cultural gaps with local representation.

With a profound track record and skills in private and public investments, negotiations and execution of complex local and cross border deals, our team offers Israeli high-tech and traditional industries  companies entering the Singapore market the support of all commercial related services, including investment banking and business development in and with Singapore. As one of the leading commercial law firms in Israel, we also offer a wide array of legal services for Singaporean clients who are interested in a soft landing to doing business in Israel.

We also support our Israeli customers who are planning to branch out in Singapore with local presence. We offer support in the setup of their operation and aid in forming connections to local firms and services.

APM works closely with investors and brokers and accompanies IPO processes of Israeli companies in the SGX and dual listings in TASE-SGX.


Our Services:

The APM & Co. Singapore practice provides clients with ongoing counsel in all aspects of their activities in Singapore. These include:

• Negotiation proceedings

Business development and Networking

• Tenders

• Agreements

• Joint Venture (JV) arrangements

• Mergers and Acquisition

• Technology Collaborations

• Tax

• Regulation

• Financing

• Procurement

• Fund formation and Representation

• Listing in SGX/Dual listing in TASE