AdTech and Media Compliance

In today’s quickly evolving digital landscape, the AdTech industry has become substantial and, as such, is today subject to global and evolving regulations - whether related to data collection, such as the GDPR and the CCPA, or consumer protection, such as the FTC and the ASA. Furthermore, of significant importance is the issue of compliance with various platform’s policies, such as Google, Apple and Facebook, and industry self-regulated organizations, such as the IAB and CSA.

These AdTech companies, operating in various channels such as PC, mobile, search, social media and more, benefit from working with experts who understand and implement the myriad of regulations, grasp the privacy and data security issues and are well versed in the specific technology related to the AdTech industry. Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co. (“APM & Co.”) is your expert.


As AdTech continues to disrupt many sectors – including advertising, marketing and retail - APM & Co.’s team is routinely instructed by start-ups, multinationals, software developers and others looking to exploit the available commercial opportunities in relation to app-compliance, content, media, monetization and manage the related data and IT security issues. 

Clients benefit from our wealth of experience in the increasing volume of regulations, understanding of the industry's best practices, and compliance and strategic advice with regards to AdTech, media and data products. Working seamlessly and closely with our Intellectual Property department, we also advise on all relevant IP issues regarding ding regarding open source code, trademarks, streaming services, VPNs, affiliation, media buying and supply chain, add-on extensions, comparison websites, content websites, SDKs, app compliance and much more.

Our close relationships with policy teams of the various internet platforms, our in-depth understanding of the AdTech industry and deep familiarity with the technology enable us to provide unique advice to our clients in relation to regulations, compliance, monetization and other commercial needs.  These services include drafting and reviewing commercial agreements (IOs, affiliate agreements, and more), reviewing UI and installation flows, drafting EULA and terms of use, drafting app store description and disclosure, ensuring compliance with various Anti-Virus (AV) detections, and more.