Over the years we have cultivated a leading, high quality legal team, comprised of the founders’ generation, seasoned attorneys who are leaders in their field, and junior associates who excel in their area of practice. We believe that a high level of professionalism is derived, among other things, from a pleasant and optimistic working environment. 

We pride ourselves on the friendly spirit that prevails in our corridors and do our best to strengthen our team with top of the class, capable and talented attorneys, who will easily become part of the familial atmosphere we work so hard to preserve. 

At Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co. we are always on the look-out for new attorneys - excellent, professional, creative thinkers that will operate as part of a team and wish to help us maintain our meticulous standards. If you are a professional, talented lawyer, interested in working in a challenging environment, we will be happy to hear from you. 

CVs can be sent via e-mail to our human resource manager at:


What is the firm’s recruitment process?

Yael Roffe Cohano, our human resource manager, is responsible for the firm’s recruitment process. CVs received are reviewed by one of our partners, who together with the human resources manager locate potential candidates to continue the recruitment process. Candidates who qualify are invited to an interview with the relevant partner. If required, they may be asked to return for a second interview with an additional partner. 

How is the firm’s working method organized?

Each of our attorneys is allocated to a specific department and work team - usually based on their areas of expertise. Within these teams attorneys collaborate with the firm’s partners, but also work independently - based on their individual seniority, experience and capabilities. We encourage our lawyers to reach their potential, take initiative and generate their own added value - both in their professional work and in their relationships with clients. 

Does the firm hold professional training seminars?

At APM & Co. we place great emphasis on ongoing training, and value professional development. Accordingly, we conduct training sessions within each department, as well as seminars for the entire firm. Our associates refresh, renew and continually develop their skills and knowledge base through the "APM Academy", a unique annual lecture program delivered by some of the best academic lecturers and experts from the business sector. We also encourage participation in various external training seminars.  

Does the firm hold social activities and events?

The familial atmosphere and relationships built within our team is one of our most significant characteristics. In order to encourage this we regularly hold a variety of social activities and events. These include department's “team building” days, office-wide activities and social events for the attorney’s and their families.



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