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The Small Mistake That Helped Moran Atias

Adv. Asaf Biger and adv. Assaf Oren from litigation and dispute resolution in Amit, Pollak, Matalon & co. have represented Moran Atias in a hearing that was made in the economic department in the district court in Tel-Aviv.

The matter is concerning a Derivative lawsuit on the amount of 116,869,000 Shekels that was submitted against the model Moran Atias by the shareholders in the “Atia group”, a company which she was a director in. 

The court has turned down the major part of the request.

The shareholders have submitted a request for a rehearing concerning this decision. Moran Atias has appealed the turn down this request for a rehearing. The court has been convinced that the shareholders had made a wrong decision by requesting the rehearing of the case. It has been decided that to reject the rehearing request. In addition, the court has ruled legal expenses in favor of Moran Atias on the amount of 7500 Shekels.

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