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Service Inventions in a Changing World

Adv. Rachel Harari-Lifshits, a partner, lectured at Tel-Aviv University about service inventions in a changing world. 

Her lecture was held within a round table event hosted by S. Horowitz Institute for Intellectual Property. This forum included, among others, lectures by Mr. Asa Kling, Director of the ILPO, Adv. Orna Lin, Adv. Tal Band, and other academic experts. 

Ms. Harari-Lifshits, who heads the firm's Labor and Employment practice, spoke about the constant changes in the world of employment and about the increasing ambiguity in the difference between work life and personal life, a fact which makes it harder to define a service invention.

She also spoke about the growing trend among start-up companies that creates voluntary reward systems for inventions as a part of the efforts to promote innovation in the work place. 

Shir Kodner from the High Tech and Venture Capital Department assisted in preparing this lecture.