February 14th  | 17:00   


Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co. (APM & Co.), ASX and IACC cordially invite you to attend an evening of celebrating innovation and opportunities.

APM & Co.'s longstanding and leading position in the Israeli high tech ecosystem, coupled with our presence in Australia puts us in a great position to add value to technology companies and facilitate emerging business opportunities. The recent milestone of another one of APM's clients becoming the 10th Israeli tech company listed in the ASX is further evidence that this is a trend with a solid foundation. 

The ASX is a major and integral part of puzzle. Mr. Eddie Grieve, Head of Listing for the ASX, will be our keynote speaker. Alongside Mr. Grieve will be speakers from the investment community and APM's legal team on Do’s and Don’ts when dealing with Australian investors. Lastly, we will invite many Israeli high-tech companies to demonstrate the strength and innovation of the industry in some case studies.  The event will facilitate One on One meetings between investors and companies.


On the Agenda: 


17:00 –  Gathering and Networking

17:45 -   Greetings

Adv. Yonatan Altman, Chairman and the Head of the High Tech and Venture Capital Department, APM& Co.

Mr. David Sharma, The Australian Ambassador to Israel.

Mr. Max Cunningham, general manager listings and issuer services, ASX

18:05 – Getting a company listed on the ASX 

Mr. Eddie Grieve, Head of Listings and Issuer Services, ASX

18:25 – Australian Investor's point of view

Mr. Dan Krasnostein , Partner , SquarePeg Capital

18:40 – Do's and Don'ts of Raising Capital in Australia (Legal aspects)-  

Adv. Ian Rostowsky, partner in the High Tech and Venture Capital department, APM & Co.

18:55 – Q&A

19:05– Case Studies

Two Israeli startups share their experiences.   

19:25 – Closing Remarks

Mr. Paul Israel, Executive Director Israel-Australia, NZ & Oceania Chamber of Commerce





February 14th , 2017 | 17:00

APM House, 18 Raoul Wallenberg St., Building D, Tel Aviv
7th Floor
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